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 Carozzria Cawai Corp.

















This is certainly Carozzeria type project. It is to dispatch and spread out the product to the world from a trade fair of the world highest level while taking advantages of the advanced skill of the professional in each field.


Professional of the tile production

Taniguchi Seitosyo Co., Ltd.


is proud of the first-rate production engineering and management techniques in the "Mino" of the tile production district.


Professional of the architect research

Makoto Tanida’s Laboratory in the Department of Architecture of Meijo University


infuses the desirable situation of the tile viewed from the entire building, ideas obtained from the study of historical structures and flexible ideas from the student into the "Komino".


Professional of the project and design

Carozzeria Cawai Corporation


infuses the leading edge of design/design skills obtained from experiences of the design/engineering in a major automaker into the tile industry.


Professional of the overseas marketing 

Sunny Corporation


The export is imperative for Japanese products. It is also true that there are various barriers. By making full use of the know-how on the tile export accumulated for many years, Sunny Corporation supports the capture of the overseas market for "Komino" in every aspect, and plays active sales promotions in the world.



Moreover, Taniguchi Seitosho Co., Ltd. bundle up respective professionals of the mold, raw materials and glazed, etc. who have the technique of the highest level even in the world, and create the tile which fascinates the people in the world.

It's aim that this approach will ultimately contribute to developing the business of the region and area.

Project Team